Meeting 29.10.12

Report on the Justice and Peace Group meeting held on 29.10.12

Present: Rev Diana Zanker, Kathryn Fitzsimmons,
Brother Kentigern, Ray Brown-Amory, Margaret Halsey, Fr Alan Taylor, Caroline


Apologies: Aidan Hallett, Ruth Thompson, Wendy


The Agenda was mainly a consideration, under the headings of
the last report, of what had been achieved and future plans.


One World Week: we had decided that preparing food a
second week running would be too much, but the stickers on the maps proved interesting
and many people werehappy to ‘make their mark’! Bryony, the Durham student,
took some photos which will go on the website.


Asylum Paper from Evangelical Alliance: relevant
parts are now on the website.


University report: Rev Diana had reported back to
Rachel Muers who had thanked her.


Food parcels: the move to the slot after church on
Sunday from the evening has proved a success. Those collecting food were glad
to see people around and were even stopping for a prayer, to light a candle or
have coffee.


Contingency Fund: this fund for serious matters
concerning asylum seekers /refugees in the church has proved useful, most
recently to give a loan to someone in need. It has been paid back. The winter
hardship fund from S Vincent de Paul was mentioned, and it was decided to put
up the list of places where a hot midday meal is available on the noticeboard.


Food Banks: Food is being held at Oxford Place and
there will be distribution on this side of the city at Gipton, Seacroft and
Lincoln Green.


Homelessness Sunday: the week stretches from 27 Jan
to 3 Feb. We will do the bread and soup lunch again on one of the Sundays and
look at the young people’s activities and the liturgical suggestions to see how
we might incorporate anything suitable. Kathryn will circulate material,
Caroline will get prayer cards


Living Wage: this is being raised at the Deanery
Synod in December. The motion will read ‘we support the principle of the living
wage’. It was suggested we look at what the London Citizens organisation are
saying. In March  we might put up a
display to highlight the whole issue.


ESOL classes: Rev Diana gave us a run down on funding
and grants. A new funding source was suggested.


Iranians: We discussed the possibility of pointing
them to local churches as they are coming from so far afield. Margaret said
some had tried local churches but still found us more  friendly, and we recognised that they need and
enjoy the support of each other in this new life.


Interfaith: Fr Alan suggested we keep an eye out for
any change on this front as the Asian community is not always happy at the way
we and others worship. Some however see our premises as a place of prayer.
There had been a homophobic talk on Radio Asia Fever, which had caused


Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 8th January 7.15 after mass.