Meeting 24.4.12

Report of Justice and Peace meeting held on 24.4.12 at 7.15 pm

Present: Fr Alan Taylor, Revd Diana Zanker, Revd Kathryn Fitzsimons, Ray Brown-Amory, Br Kentigern Milmine, Caroline Ugbo, Aidan Hallett

Review of the Homelessness and Poverty week

The bread and soup lunch went as well as could be expected when it had snowed overnight and we were able to send over £100 to Simon on the Streets. It was agreed we should do something similar next year on 27 January, when there will be a healing service and we can have someone to speak about the broader aspects of societal healing.

Action:Caroline…except for arranging the person to address the congregation

Food Bank

Kathryn explained that this was being set up by Bridge Street, St George’s and some other churches. It is for those falling through the gap between work and benefits or vice versa. It would provide meals for three days in a week, but for a limited time. It might be something we could point people to.

Father Alan expressed concern about the volume of people coming for food parcels on a Sunday evenings, and that if the Eritreans are not around Tony is very vulnerable. Aidan suggested we could discuss with Tony about changing the time to 12 noon on  Sundays when there will still be people around and throughout the year it is daylight. He said he would be very happy to make up parcels after Mass on a Sunday and we could move them down towards the door. He wondered if others would do this too.

Action: Aidan….and further discussion with Tony

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

The first application for funds from Church Urban Fund was refused as it was not seen as coming from the Church. A new application should be made and the midwife contacted.

Action: Revd Diana and Revd Kathryn

Asylum Seekers

Father Alan asked Brother Kentigern if there was anything new to say. He said that decisions were being made more swiftly. There was discussion about the possible re-opening of the Iranian Embassy and how this might effect some of our congregation. G4S has won the contract for 3 years for housing support for asylum seekers in Yorkshire and Humberside. We must see how this works out and how much support asylum seekers will get. Tetley Hall may be opened for those awaiting housing. We also need to watch out for those who are likely to be sent back to countries where their life-style is not acceptable even when everyday living is not unsafe.

Action: all

Report for the Parish AGM:

Kathryn had sent one in.

Other issues: It was suggested that our website should be linked to other websites. Group members to suggest potential links


Dates of next meetings Monday 18th June ,September 3 29thOctober all at 7.15