Meeting 23.9.13

Notes from St Aidan’s Justice and Peace group

23 September  7.15

Present: Father Paul. Diana Zanker, Andy Jones, Aidan Hallett, Margaret Halsey, Caroline Ugbo,  Brother Kentigern, Kathryn Fitzsimons.

Apologies: Tony Jowitt, Ray Amory Brown, Wendy Amory Brown

This was Father Paul’s first meeting with this group which has a remit of holding the various aspects of Justice and Peace in the Parish


  1. ESOL   The class has expanded, and is now holding a class at Trinity United. 51 students have already enrolled from diverse backgrounds. There may need to be a waiting list.The crèche is an attraction and the project is seeking further volunteers for the crèche.

It was suggested that a toilet on the second floor would be helpful.  Diana and others to look for possible funding sources.

  1. PAFRAS  Due to funding issues PAFRAS is having to withdraw from Tuesday provision. All the PAFRAS services will be offered  on Thursdays and there will be a refocusing on destitute asylum seekers.

St Aidan’s is seeking to offer a hot meal on Tuesdays without the other provision. There is a meeting on Friday evening, negotiations are taking place with Hamara and Touchstone about their volunteers continuing. There are costs associated with running the session.

It was agreed that this is a transitional stage and we needed to see what happens. PAFRAS funding crisis may be temporary; if not, it may be  possible for the church to offer some signposting services. Two people are attending training.

  1. On a Sunday morning we continue to offer teaching for converts. This is being made more systematic . The clergy  and group leaders continue to receive requests for written support in the asylum claims
  2. Food Parcels on a Sunday This continues to grow; between 40+50 parcels are given out each week. The clientele changes, some are in short term crisis, others have longer term needs.

There are a number of volunteers. There is also growing connections between some of the visitors and the church family.

  1. CAP  The city wide group are now meeting at St Aidan’s. There are a number of events being planned for Homelessness and Poverty Action Week  (26Jan-2Feb)
  2. Leeds Citizens  Kathryn shared some information around Leeds Citizens and community organising and invited members of the group to attend the training sessions.
  3. It was agreed that the group had a helpful function in holding together all the strands of the work, it offered possibilities for new ideas and  was also a helpful support for individuals engaged in work It was agreed that it should continue to meet 3 times a year.
  4. Date of next meeting  Tuesday 21st January 7.15 at The Rectory
  5. The meeting concluded with prayer