Meeting 18.6.12


St Aidan’s Justice and Peace group

Report from Meeting  of 18 June 2012

Annual Report to PCC. Jan2012


Welcome and opening prayer

Present: Mthr Diana, Wendy, Ray Caroline, Margaret, Revd Kathryn

Apologies: Kentigern, Aidan, Father Alan, Tony


Notes of the last meeting- Thanks to Caroline and they’d been put on the J+P page of the website


Matters arising Diana had tried unsuccessfully to contact the midwife doing the FGM work. It looks as if we are not able to follow this up any further.


Website- is looking good, thanks to all those involved.

Can we put the dates of the meetings there, separately from the minutes?

Any other links that could be there?

Diana suggested that a paper around asylum issues which had received following the recent ESOL training day might be helpful. It explained Christian terms in very clear language.

Diana will circulate the report to the group.


Asylum Issues

Various of our asylum seekers had taken part in the Jubilee Celebrations. The photos can go on the website- we have got the appropriate permissions.


Diana raised an individual with whom Solace hoped we could offer support. This has been raised previously with the DCC. It needs to go back to them.


The Farsi speaking group meeting in church after mass continues to grow and are asking interesting/challenging questions. One individual has been identified to work with Margaret- she will follow him up.


The country of origin of those participating in ESOL is changing. We are seeing more Eastern Europeans On a Thursday there are 30 students and a creche. Diana has also recruited some volunteer teachers.


Food Parcels. The change in time had been successful- there are a regular number of people now coming and it is involving more of the congregation. Aidan would like to hand on his role to someone else.  Diana will ask Alan to say something on Sunday.


Foodbank- This is moving ahead with the possibility of two foodbanks, one in East Leeds, one in West Leeds. KF will keep the group updated


Other J+P services we might want to mark

The group reflected on the organisations St Aidan’s supports from its website including USPG, Fair Trade, CUF among others and also on the various Social Justice Sundays- Environment, One World Week, Prisoners Week .

We decided to speak with the staff team and DCC about marking One World Week in some way.


The meeting closed with the Grace

Our next meeting is 3rd September at 7.15 in church.