Lent 1 – The Temptation of Jesus

The tempter does not come to test Jesus’ abilities, of those he is convinced. Bread, safety and power over all the kingdoms are Jesus’ by right. What is tested, though, are the basis on which Jesus founds his choices: the root of his obedience in the will of God, the obedience of the Son of the Father and Servant of All.

The gospel story of the temptations of Jesus is foundational for all that lies ahead.

In it we see the conflict between the ways of the world and the ways of God, between the way of death and the way of life, between the way of darkness and the way of light. And at the center of this conflict stands the cross of Jesus. And where we live Lent ourselves, we too with him live between temptation and crucifixion.

Of course it is often easier to choose power, violence, and domination instead of the reconciling ways of the reign of God. Of course it is easier to pick up lifeless stones and hurl them toward one another, instead of passing the bread that sustains life.

But, people of God, as we walk these great forty days between temptation and crucifixion, let us walk gently and with our hearts wide open … for what will it profit us to gain the whole world, but loose or forfeit our lives, our souls, ourselves.

With love and prayers: Mo. Andi

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