Dedication Weekend & Centenary Celebration of Brangwyn Mosaic:

Dear Friends,

Happy Centenary to our glorious Brangwyn Mosaics – what a treasure we have here, which has been entrusted to us: the four scenes depicting aspects of the life of St Aidan the gentle, our patron saint, spread over 1000 sqft at the East end of our beautiful church.

Aidan’s arrival, a time of new beginnings, following God’s call on his life, meeting the desire of King Oswald of Northumbria who invited the mission to bring Christianity to his kingdom. A new community forming on Lindisfarne, a holy place, a prayed-in place, a ‘thin’ place in which pilgrims and visitors through the centuries have been drawn into the life of the living God, a place where we can still experience heaven meeting earth.

Aidan preaching the Gospel of God, making disciples, bringing hope, sharing love, modelling a way to live. Aidan walked among the communities and villages, castles and farmsteads, on the highways and byways, listening, telling good news, praying, sharing of himself. Of course, the first thing he had to do, was learn the language, in the early stages of his mission relying on translators, even the king himself, to reach the locals with the message of hope and joy and love and life in Jesus Christ – our calling and vocation today, too, friends, sharing of ourselves, sharing the news of God’s love in our society, in today’s world, in the community we are set and which we are called to serve.

Aidan feeding the hungry, making people welcome, freeing the captives, giving what he could to those who had less, who had nothing, again, sharing out of himself, challenging the status quo, practicing the life of the kingdom of God, bringing hope. And a lot of admirable life-changing activities find their home at our church, too, as we aim to live as a serving community, following in the

footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray, Lord, that you may continue to strengthen our hands in your service.

Aidan’s death, his passing to greater glory, his journey home to his Father, and our Father, the one from whom he, we, all creation have our being – an ending, yes, but one which has not finished his influence, his witness, his example to reach through to us today.

As we give thanks for this beautiful house of God, as we give particular thanks for Frank Brangwyn and our glorious mosaic of the life of Aidan, we pray for the treasure of living stones, our congregation, our church family, our community, even ourselves, through which God continues to build his Church, continues to build his Kingdom – challenged, at times, yes, broken, at times, yes, hurting, at times, yes, but called to be ever thankful, called to be ever hopeful, called to be ever striving to respond in our living and loving to the Lord who was lifted up on high to draw all people to himself.

For, God’s love that burns inside us impels us on the road to seek for Christ in the stranger’s face or feel the absence of his touch.

So, Lord, help us to carry forward Aidan’s torch of flame – Christ, the light of the world – in the gentle touch, in the listening ear, in the patient toil, in the concern for the poor, in challenging of wrong, in the next step of the journey of life. Amen.

With my love and prayers: Mo. Andi


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