Diocesan Clergy Conference: loving, living, learning

Dear Friends, this week past, I spent three days at the Diocesan Clergy Conference, the first of its kind since the three historic Dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds and Wakefield were brought together into one in 2014. Over 400 clergy from across the Diocese of Leeds came together to worship, to learn, to listen, to meet, to study, to discuss, to get to know each other a bit better, to grow …  and to do all these things together, and to do them in love. We met at Liverpool Hope University, and no surprise, the theme of our conference was HOPE. The hope of ‘faith, hope and love’ from 1 Corinthians 13, the hope that wants to burn within us and draw us from glory into glory, as we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ in our living and loving. And ‘living’ and ‘loving’ have become two of the triplet, of the ‘trinity’ of promises and commitments under which we as a new Diocese are called to flourish: loving, living, learning – exploring what that means for us in our context to be part of the Church of God in this part of the world. Pray, my friends, that we here at St Aidan’s may do so with hope and charity and grace in our love and service of God and of each other.

With love and prayers: Mo. Andi

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