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A Message for Lent 3

Do we sometimes try to make a correlation between sin and tragedy? Jesus tells us ‘When you hear of these events happening, stop looking for reasons why something happened to others. Unless you repent, you will die just as they did.’ Ouch – cause and effect after all? No, I think not, rather: an invitation to treat every tragic event as an opportunity to reform ourselves.

The time to repent, the time to turn our lives around, the time to do what we know we need to do, is now. The time to say ‘I love you’ is now. The time to say ‘I’m sorry’ is now. The time to say ‘I forgive you’ is now. The time to give our lives to Christ anew, is now, this Lent, today and every day, as we prepare to walk with our Lord the way of his passion and be drawn with him into life in all its fullness.

Mo Andi

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