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A New Year Message

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year, and a Happy Epiphany!

In the coming of the magi the King of all the world is revealed to the nations. In the waters of baptism Jesus is revealed as the Christ, the Saviour sent to redeem us. In the water made wine the new creation is revealed at the wedding feast. Poverty is turned into riches, sorrow into joy!

God’s way of saying, “Here is the Saviour for whom all creation has waited.” — and celebrating the feast and the season of Epiphany was and is the church’s way of saying, “And we can never be the same again.”

Look at the first friends and followers of Jesus:

Those the world called tax collectors, Jesus called disciples.

Those called sinners, Jesus called companions.

Those scorned as immoral, he called forgiven.

Those called common fishermen, he called fisher of people.

A crucified thief he called an heir — an heir of the paradise of God.

Because “Jesus is [not only] in the business of turning water into wine, [but also of turning] sinners into saints, fear into courage, sorrow into joy, defeat into victory, despair into hope and death into life.” – Here is the Saviour for whom all creation has waited – and we can never be the same again!

This is about getting to know Jesus. Not just knowing details about Jesus – but coming to a personal, passionate, intimate relationships with him.

That is the point of Epiphany, Jesus manifest among us. For God appears miraculously to us and among us in places and in ways we do not expect.

If and where we’re looking, the signs of God’s presence are all around us, as much outside the church as inside. God is there in the trees and ocean and sky. God is in the delivery room and the funeral home. God is in the face of the homeless man walking away with a bag of food after Sunday Mass and in the face of the pensioner who brought the tins to church in the first place. God is among the refugees desperately trying to improve their English to start making a home here, and among the volunteers who teach them. …

The God who was made manifest in Jesus of Nazareth lives and makes himself manifest somewhere, somehow in our lives today, …and he calls to us….

… “Here, in Jesus, is the Saviour for whom all creation has waited” – and we can never be the same again.”

And on a personal note:

My thanks for your welcome and kindness over these first weeks of my being among you as your new parish priest, I pray that we may continue to grow together in love and faith and service of our Lord and of each other.

Jesus, Lord of time – hold us in eternity

Jesus, image of God – travel with us the life of faith

Jesus, friend of sinners – heal the brokenness of our world

Jesus, Lord of tomorrow – draw us into your future. Amen.

With my love and prayers: Mo. Andi


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